The middle market American client has been under-served for decades. We are here to change that, granting access to quick issue products designed to take care of their needs while maintaining affordability.
There are 78 million people in the baby boomer generation that just started to retire in 2011. The next 20 years will represent the largest wealth transfer in the history of our nation.

We have positioned ourselves over the last decade to serve this market with products and services designed to help the transfer of over $22 trillion of wealth to their heirs with minimal tax impact.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance, is a life insurance product designed to pay off the mortgage if a homeowner dies, so that families left behind can keep their homes.  The client can also choose the return of premium option, that will give the clients the premiums they paid into the policy back if they do not use the death benefit during the term of the policy.

Index Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life Insurance covers your family in the event of death and presents the opportunity for income stream, estate planning and permanent life insurance, by creating cash value in the policy.

Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance allows the family to feel secure knowing that the funeral and burial costs and arrangements are already taken care of should a loved one pass away.

Fixed Annuities

With an annuity, you can guarantee income for the rest of your life. An annuity allows one to receive a fair rate of return when the market is doing well and to maintain principal when the market is doing poorly.

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