June 17, 2021

Make Money

Greatland Financial provides a tried and true sales system for anyone looking for the opportunity to earn a great income. We have agents who build their insurance business on a part-time basis, and others who apply every possible minute towards their dream of becoming an independent agency.

Besides a proven sales system, Greatland Financial offers competitive products from high rated carriers, a complete leads system that is unrivaled in the industry, and an entire staff at your service to ensure your success. Do you have a goal of how much money you want to make? How many hours per week have you decided to commit for achieving that goal?

A team member at Greatland Financial can assist you in calculating your desired income. Besides the number of hours you put in, they will show you the other determining factors (such as a leads budget) to see that you reach your goal.

Finding like-minded people to join your team helps you reach your goals faster. As your team grows, so does your commission level, your bonuses and your overrides.

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