National Agents Alliance FasTract

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In order to get started, agents will need to use FasTract. The FasTract system is a unique tool to National Agents Alliance. FasTract allows a potential agent to enter his/her personal information. Within minutes, new agents will receive their NAA number – a personal identification number issued to NAA agents only. Once the agent has received their NAA number, the contracting process will start to quickly take flight. The NAA number will allow agents to log in to the site to view training materials, carrier information, contracts for appointment, and so much more.

This automated system gives agents the ability to contract with multiple carries within minutes of receiving their NAA number…something you won’t find anywhere else. Before agents are given full access to the various carrier contracts, the NAA New Agent Agreement Contract will need to first be signed. Once the NAA New Agent Agreement has been signed, a world of carrier possibilities will be presented to the agent. Being able to contract with multiple carriers at one time allows agents to start protecting families almost instantly! This process minimizes contracting time, and maximizes the time they are able to spend with families.

A great feature for agents within our automated system is the recruiting tool that is built in to the online system. Agents are given the ability to “invite a recruit” through an email from NAA Contracting. This feature allows an agent to simply click “invite a recruit” to send a personal message to a potential recruit. Invitations can be submitted to friends and family to assist the agent with quickly building their downline and working their way to the top.